Very clean warehouse

Importer and supplier of fine Italian foods.

Singaporean company that has been blessed with growth, which is much sought-after yet difficult to manage.

Outgrowing Older Solutions

Coming to the conclusion that its website no longer met its needs was relatively easy for Our Foods. With its orders up, the company no longer had the time to manually scrutinise every purchase for accuracy. Inventory was no longer something they could manage on paper and update on their online product catalogues on the fly.

A few days spent meeting with Our Foods outlined those sectors of its business that required updating.

Dated Website

Their web site was no longer modern looking and did not take advantage of newer technologies. Online products catalogues were outdated and the website was therefore not supporting the sales team as it should.

Unreliable Inventory Data

Inventory was managed manually and could no longer be kept accurately. This resulted in incorrect information being communicated to customers at time of order taking.

Marketing Potential

Our Foods had data on its clients and orders but not in a format that could be mined for useful marketing opportunities.

YBO Inventory Management System

After having met with different solution suppliers, Our Foods selected YBO as its partner in bringing its business up to speed and to plan for future needs. Our Foods recognised that YBO has the solution that is best positioned to help it manage growth by removing the guesswork and error-prone manual data entry out of inventory control, order management and e-commerce.

A burst of requirements gathering activity showed that the best option for Our Foods was to roll out YBO's Inventory Management System in stages, making the transition easy for its team and realising cost/time savings immediately.

The roll-out

Stage 1

Our Food’s inventory and order processing was set up first, providing a clear picture of its customers’ needs. Getting Stage 1 up and running made it possible to:

  • Predict shortages before they happened
  • Place right-sized orders from its suppliers to get the most out of shipping costs
  • Offer timely delivery of products
  • Begin designing a database of its customers’ ordering habits for future marketing opportunities

Stage 2

The customer marketing database was the next segment to be implemented. As it takes some time to map trends and develop a marketing strategy around them it was important to get this up and running as early as possible.

Stage 3

Finally, with all the supporting building blocks in place, an updated version of the website, fully integrated with the Inventory Management System, was completed.

Our Foods Today

It is difficult to determine which has impressed Our Foods more: YBO’s level of service or the cost and time savings they now enjoy.

YBO Service

With YBO leading the project and offering expertise where required, the project was completed with a minimum of disruptions in Our Food's day-to-day activities. And now that Our Foods can access the solutions from anywhere in the world and no longer need to spend time correcting data entry and inventory shortcomings, the team has quickly adopted the new solution.

The Bottom Line

Orders are automatically processed. Our Foods now only needs to update their inventory, not their website. Customers are happy with the new interface and the error-free shipments.

All with the low cost of Software as a Service, and with the YBO guarantee.