Case Studies

F&B Inventory Management (IMS)

Importer and supplier of fine Italian foods, a Singaporean company that has been blessed with growth, which is much sought-after yet difficult to manage. View Case Study

Airline Part Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Inventory consisted of aircraft parts as well as specific attachment pieces necessary in the assembly, modification, and repairing of several larger airplane models. With approximately 4 million working parts involved in one plane assembly, the number of end items being warehoused and volume necessary to maintain customer satisfaction is staggering. View Case Study


ARECO International Pte Ltd

Juergen H.G.A. Nitzschke, Director ARECO International Pte Ltd

Food and Beverage International Holding Pte Ltd

Dane Knight, Director Food and Beverage International Holding Pte Ltd

Cash Converters

Pamela Chua, Cashconverters Asia, Steve Tay Pte Ltd