Puzzle and handsYBO offers a variety of industries and technology providers to work in tandem with YBO to ensure that our clients optimize their investment.

Channel Partners

YBO has specifically been successful with its strategic channel partner program. As a channel focused company, this partner program supports and delivers priority value, a market differentiation and sustainable revenue opportunities for partners.

Reselling Partners

Reselling partners are specifically focused on re-selling and delivering YBO's SaaS solutions. These partners enjoy volume discounts and are supported by YBO to generate revenue from reselling margins and support offerings for their clients.

Referral Partners

Referral partners consists of a select group of vendors that partner with YBO and specifically focus on helping to identify and generate new leads for YBO. Partners who identify and refer new business opportunities are eligible to earn referral fees once the deals are closed.

Technology Partners

Technology partners provide YBO with added value by integrating hardware, such as mobile printers and tablets, or by developing Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions on top of YBO's SaaS solution.

Web design Partners

Web design partners use YBO's built-in CMS to develop e-commerce websites and B2B portals fully integrated with YBO's Inventory Management System and Sales Platform. Use the system's ready to use advanced inventory management and trading capabilities without having to invest into back-end development.

Support Partners

Support partners provide YBO with the opportunity to develop and implement joint support strategies for clients globally. As a YBO support partner, you demonstrate shared commitment by providing collaborative client support and ensure client business continuity.

Contact us if you feel your company could benefit from a strategic partnership with YBO.