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My Jigsaw Piece

What is My Jigsaw Piece?

My Jigsaw Piece is the on-demand version of an Inventory Management System/Software (IMS), delivered as a service from the cloud. It has word that one has invested nearly 20 years in developing the IMS. Along the way the IMS was only available through consulting. Now the IMS is available on demand through My Jigsaw Piece, by filling out one simple form.

Cloud and SaaS

What is Cloud and SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software aa Service and is a business model where software applications are hosted at a datacenter and are accessed by the users through a web browser and a secure login. This model cuts down on the need to purchase servers, expensive network infrastructure and software licenses.

The Cloud is a terminolgy for computer and application services available on the Internet. Cloud services are provided on-demand and support the SaaS business model. Data centre providers are renting out their data centre capacity through cloud services at low cost.

Why should I use SaaS?

Save on up-front hardware (server) and software costs (software licenses)

  • The software is hosted and managed by us, so you don't have to worry about hardware and installation costs. You just need to have a computer and an Internet connection,
  • For new company set up, your starting costs are neglectable,
  • Cash flow is managed. You have a standard budget monthly for your IT needs, and never have to worry if you need to purchase servers or software upgrade licenses,
  • With SaaS, you will always be on the latest version. This eliminates time cosuming and costly upgrades.

On-Demand - Pay only what you use

  • SaaS is often provided On-Demand referring to the quick and easy DIY on-line set-up and charged by usage only,
  • System capacity is also available on demand and allows an increase of users during peak periods or low usage during a quiet season,
  • Start with the number of users you need right now. If you need more, upgrade easily,
  • Sign up directly through our website, quick and easy. No IT technical questions asked.

Plugin anytime and anywhere, 24/7/365

  • Be faster than your competitor when giving your customer orders, quotations and invoiceson the road,
  • Know your stock balances at any time, reducing your selling cycle,
  • Enjoy and access your information anytime, anywhere,
  • Work on the system system across branches, regions and globally.

Is the Cloud secure?

  • All users have a dedicated username and password,
  • Every My Jigsaw Piece customer has a dedicated database with unique username and password,
  • Our data centre partner, Amazon Web Services, has been certified with very strict security accreditations and are audited by 3rd party companies that verify their infrastructure and operations,
  • No one has access to the data centre premises, except for Amazon Web Services staff.

What if the Cloud shuts down?

  • We understand that no one can promise eternity, but the risk can be managed to reduce the risk for any damage that may arise,
  • We provide the data back to you at your request,
  • Amazon Web Services guantees 99.95% server uptime through the year,
  • Should we cease to exist, we can provide a copy of your business data on request.

What about Data Privacy?

Please check the PROVIDER'S OBLIGATIONS section of Terms & Conditions of Service for detailed information.

Pricing Plans

How do I start for free?

Simply sign up using the standard registration form and limit your usage to 2 concurrent users. You will not be billed as long as your resource consumption stays within the free bundle. See Pricing for more details.

What are concurrent users?

Concurrent users are registered users with the operator role that are using the system at the same time. For example, let's say you have a sales person, a warehouse operator and a manager, and each of them work in shifts. Your sales person works in the morning, your warehouse operator in the afternoon and you as the manager briefly use the system at closing time. This way your 3 registered users never work on the system at the same time and you effectively have 1 concurrent user.

Is there a set-up fee?

No. There is no set-up fee for any of our plans.

Can I change my plan at any point?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time to suit your growing business or fit your less demanding seasons.

Inventory Management System (IMS)

What is the IMS?

The IMS is software that assists with inventory visibility, stock level management, sales order processing, invoicing, purchasing and customer relationship management all from one simple interface. With every transaction the inventory is adjusted real-time. Reporting is built-in, so you can always have "live" reports through the day.

Can the system warn me when stocks are low?

Each product has a minimum, required and maximum stock quantity Level. An email alert is generated when one of the configured threshold is triggered.

Is there a limit to the number of products we can have?

No there isn't.

Can we change the layout of the invoice?

The forms are easily editable, and you can make it look like your exisitng company invoice. Adding a logo is a simple task.

Is there an operating manual that is provided?

Work in progress.

Does the IMS support picking and moving?

The IMS comes with a moving and picking list. All you need to do is scan the items with a bar-code reader and pick them out or move them from location A to location B. Picking and moving can also be done manually.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

What is Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)?

With a VMI configuration of our IMS you can assign stock to your vendors, let them move them out of stock, and bill them at the end of the month.

How is our stock managed by our vendors?

You assign stock to your customers as you agreed upon. Your customer's consigned stock is segregated from others, customers cannot look into each-other's inventory. With a bar-code reader or by manual means, your stock is being picked or moved by the customer. The VMI reports show exactly how much and by who is being taken out of consignment or just being moved between customer locations.

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