The first user that was created by the IMS set-up is the user that you will use to access the system for the first time. This user is automatically assigned the administrator role. With a newly set-up system three roles are created by default: member, operator and administrator.

To add more users to the system simply ask your staff to register with the Register button or link on the login screen. If the button or link is missing you should enable the button in the Member Login Fields content item. Which you can access through menu item Content ⇒ Content Items.

New users are by default assigned the member role only. To access the inventory management system they should also be assigned the operator role. You can find your users in the contact database through menu item Marketing ⇒ Contacts. Click the clear button and then click the search button to list all contacts.

Click on the name you wish to change and then click Assign Roles. To add or remove roles hold down the Ctrl button (Cmd on Mac) and select the appropriate roles.

If you have created contacts instead of users using the register button, you will need Invite the user before you can assign roles. Inviting a user will create a username and send it together with a password to the user. Once invited, you will be able to use Assign Roles.

Do not assign your users the administrator role unless you are confident about what you are doing. If not sure, please consult YBO staff to assist you with role and permission configuration.