The quickest way to get started is through YBO's On-Demand IMS. You can start your own inventory management system by clicking the Start Now button on My Jigsaw Piece is a complete unattended do-it-yourself set-up. It's meant to be used without the assistance of our staff at YBO. In case you feel that you need assistance anyway, please feel free to drop your question at our support forum or contact us directly.

After registering your system you are ready to start managing your inventory. To add new products go to menu item Inventory ⇒ New Product.

Once you have migrated all your product data into the IMS it's time to process your first sales order. You do not need to pre-fill the database with customer data before you can do this. You can actually create customer and contact records while you are taking orders. Simply go the the Sales menu and select New Sales Order and create customers and contacts right there before selecting products.