Marketing Channels are identifiable sources that generate traffic to your website / B2B portal and potentially generate sales as well. A marketing channel is set up by including a tag with the hyperlinks you use in email marketing campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns or other Internet advertising platforms.

To include a marketing channel tag with your hyperlinks inside an email marketing campaign use the Link Builder as usual by selecting some text or an image to surround the link with and click the Toolbar file search icon-icon. Then click the Toolbar file search icon-icon next to the Link URL input field to open the Link Builder. Start typing the name of your existing marketing channel or type % to retrieve all. If you type a new marketing channel name which is not listed it will be created and added to the drop-down list.

After selecting your link destination, click the "Get Link" button and the marketing channel tag will be included in the Link URL. Click the "Ok" button to confirm the hyperlink around the text or image. You can use the same URL elsewhere such as pay-per-click advertising or banner advertising to aggregate campaign statistics from different sources.

Every time an email campaign recipient (target) clicks on the tagged hyperlink an hit-count will be added to the selected marketing channel statistics. If your target places an order on your website or B2B portal within the same session as the hyperlink click the sales value of that order will be added to the Marketing Channel Revenue statistic. Holding this information against the cost of organizing and maintaining your marketing channels these statistics allow you to accurately determine your Marketing Channel ROI.

You can find your marketing channel reports through menu item Marketing ⇒ Chart Reports. Depending on the type of report you have a choice to view them as Bar, Pie or Line chart. For example, while your revenue by marketing channel viewed as bar chart shows you your revenue totals by channel, the same report viewed as line chart allows you to understand at what time of the year certain channels work best for your business.

As mentioned before, the tags you include in your email campaigns generate visitors to your website or B2B portal. The charts above show you when your visitors are actually place orders in that same session after they have clicked the link you have included in your email, however, to view the number of visitors that have clicked in total, whether they place an order or not, select the Visitors by Marketing Channel report that you also find through Marketing ⇒ Chart Reports.

Finally, when visitors land on your website they may also provide a referring website, the so called Referrer. The IMS marketing chart reports also provide visitor numbers and sales revenue statistics by referrer. This enables you to select your most profitable referrers and wisely allocate your SEO marketing budget.