For smaller companies staying in touch with your customers can be a time consuming task. The IMS helps you maintaining your relationships with automated newsletters. In their user profile, your website or B2B portal visitors can choose to receive a latest products newsletter. They can choose for a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly newsletter. Depending on their selection the IMS will send each of them an overview of products that have been added to your inventory since their last received newsletter.

Automated Newsletter Setup

Automated Newsletter Setup

The newsletter contains images and short descriptions of your newly added products. Every product is surrounded with a link back to your website and the IMS automatically includes a Marketing Channel tag named "Automated Newsletter". As a result, the newsletter statistics are included in your Marketing Channel reports.

You can decide the time and date that your newsletter is sent out to your contacts. Go to Marketing ⇒ Newsletter and you will find the time and date settings of when your newsletter should be sent. The exact day depends on every single contact's email subscription preference, as follows

  • If a contact chooses a weekly update, with the settings from the screenshot, a newsletter is sent every Thursday, i.e. if in that past week new product have been added to the inventory.
  • If the contact selected a monthly update, the newsletter will be sent every month on a Thursday around the 25th, on whichever Thursday is closer to the 25th.
  • If the contact selected a quarterly update, the newsletter will be sent every 3 months on a Thursday around the 25th, also on whichever Thursday is closer.
  • And finally, if the contact selected a yearly update, the newsletter will be sent every year on a Thursday around the 25th of November, again on whichever Thursday is closer.

You can customize the newsletter message on the same page here at Marketing ⇒ Newsletter and through the Email Messages menu item. Look for the email message called New Products Newsletter. The newsletter text contains variables that are replaced by database values at the time the newsletter is sent out. For example ${Contact First Name} is replaced with the contact's first name.