Contacts may be added manually through menu item Marketing ⇒ New Contact, while accepting an order, adding a new customer or by using the import function. Each of these added contacts do not have access to your website until they have been given a username. The IMS has a loyalty system built in that allows you to invite contacts to become member of your loyalty program with a simple click.

First find the contact to invite through Marketing ⇒ Contacts. A contact can be invited from the Contact View or multiple contacts can be invited from the Contact List view. To invite from the Contact View, click the contact name from the list to access the Contact View and then observe the user name value.

If the contact has a username, the contact already has been invited or the contact registered him or herself through your website.

If the contact has an empty username this means the contact has been created by you and not yet been invited to become a member of your loyalty program. The system will print Not a member [Invite] instead of the empty username. Click the Invite link to send an invitation email to your contact.

Multiple contacts can be invited from the Contact List view with the Invite button from the toolbar.

You can customize the email message that is being sent through menu item Email Messages ⇒ Contact Member Invite.