The contacts that you collect along the way by manual input, import or registered website users are your targets for your email campaigns. To start a new email campaign go to Marketing ⇒ Email Campaigns and click the "Create" button to create a new email Campaign.

Managing email campaigns

Managing email campaigns

Choose a Name for this campaign. The name is only used here for you to recognize your campaign the next time you will look up the campaign for its statistics or editing.

Select the Start Date and Time of your email campaign by clicking the calendar icon. You can also leave it empty and schedule your campaign later. At the chosen Start Date and Time the IMS will start sending you emails. Depending on the length of your target list this can take a few minutes up to a couple of hours or even days.

Select your target Contact list or create a new one. To test-drive your campaign you can create a test target list with only your email address in there.

Choose your email Subject and write the Email message. The HTML editor allows you to mix up text, images and most important, links back to your website. To create a link, first select some text or an image to surround the link with, then click the Toolbar file search icon-icon. Click the Toolbar file search icon-icon next to Link URL input field to select the link destination with the Link Builder.

With the Link Builder you can select a page from your website or product list by brand or product name. Then click the "Get Link" button and close the last pop-up by clicking the "Ok" button. Your selected text or image will now have your created link surrounded. To change the link, click somewhere in the text or if you created a link around a picture, click once on the picture and then click the Toolbar file search icon-icon again.

To create a link to a single product page, select "Single Product" on the Link-Builder and click the "Select" button. Search for the product the same way you search your inventory. When your find the product you wish to link to, click the product image and lastly the update button to close the last pop-up.

It is key to collect statistics on your email campaign. You can see the email open rate (read) by looking at the email campaign details after it was sent, but this is not accurate and far from useful. Much more useful are the IMS built-in Marketing Channel reporting tools. As you are building a link with the Link-Builder you are able to choose a Marketing Channel which collects the clicks back to your website and provides you with your Email Marketing ROI. Read on to the next article to find out what marketing channels can do for your business.