As part of setting up your email marketing campaign you should think about your target audience. One good thing is that all contact details that you collect while running your business are stored in your IMS contact database.

Contact filters

Contact filters

Collected customer contacts, including imported and website visitor contacts are collected in the same database. You can search your contacts database through Marketing ⇒ Contacts.

Type the exact details in one of the fields or only a part of it. For example if you look for a contact person named "Darran" but you are not sure of the name is spelled "Darran" or "Darren", then just type a part of the name that you know is spelled correctly, for example "Darr". Searches are not case sensitive, searching for "darr" or "Darr" will produce the same results.

If your search produces no results, try to enter fewer fields and details. Also, click the "Clear" button before every new search to make sure nothing is left behind from a previous search.

Searches can be saved and used as a target list for marketing campaigns. Simply enter a name in the Save search as field and the search will be added to the available contact filters when you create an email campaign. Use the same name again to update or overwrite an existing search filter.

Some additional field specific notes you should know about,


Leave empty to list contacts of all salutation types. Select one to filter only the selected salutation.


Matches first name, last name or display name.


Type here to find someone by their login name.

Customer Type

Leave empty to list all contacts. Select Retail to filter contacts linked to a retail customer profile. And this works the same for Trade. Select Non Retail to filter all contacts that are linked to a Trade profile and contacts that are not linked to a customer profile at all (Non Customer), this for example includes uploaded contacts, users and registered website visitors. And this works the same for Non Trade.


Select Yes here to filter all the contacts with a user name, select No to filter all contacts without an user name and select nothing to list all types.