The YBO IMS is a perpetual inventory system. For each transaction, such as a purchase, sale, inventory pick or move, the inventory stock levels are updated real-time, continuously - perpetual. The benefit of a perpetual inventory system is that at any point of time any chosen report will provide data on the actual state of all transactions ever processed by the system.

Picking & Moving

Perpetual inventory transactions are recorded in the IMS system transaction log and visible by running the Inventory Transactions report available through menu item at Inventory ⇒ Table Reports. All submitted transactions that cause inventory stock levels to change will generate records in this log. Picking lists are recorded as moving Out transactions with their picking list id number included with the transaction records. Moving lists are recorded as double records, one for the moving Out and one for the moving In. Both records list the same moving list id number as a reference.

Order Processing

One of the key benefits of a perpetual inventory system is that with each sale the inventory stock levels are updated real time. This allows the order entry form to work with real-time stock levels and inform the sales agent with the actual available stock. The IMS system does this by colouring the quantity fields with a red colour when stock levels are not sufficient to fulfil the customer order.

Perpetual updates of available inventory stock

Perpetual updates of available inventory

Stock levels are being evaluated every time a product code, description, quantity or price of an order-line is updated by the sales agent. In a situation where multiple sale agents concurrently (at the same time) work with the same product, the quantities are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. As soon as one sales agent has submitted an order the quantity fields of the other sales agents will be coloured accordingly. Quantities may also be adjusted accordingly depending on the configuration of the IMS system whether to allow back orders.

E-commerce Shopping Cart Integration

If your IMS has public product lists and a shopping cart enabled, the same applies for shopping cart items as for manual order fulfilment. With every action such as adding a product, deleting a product or changing the order quantity of a product, your online customer shopping cart will be refreshed with real time data on stock levels. Depending on your preference you may allow the IMS adjust cart product quantities when stock levels have changed or allow overselling and automatically generate back-orders.

Purchase order line real-time balance

Purchase order line real-time balance


Purchase order processing contain features that update inventory stock levels line-by-line or on each purchase order as a whole. In both cases, the inventory system is updated real-time, i.e. perpetual. Purchased quantities become available to sales agents instantly as soon as purchase order lines or purchase orders as a whole are submitted into the system. The colouring of sales order product quantities is updated and quantities may have to be adjusted in case the IMS system was configured to allow back orders.

Further Support

The IMS and every single implementation of My Jigsaw Piece iconMy Jigsaw Piece are each perpetual inventory systems. The foundation was designed to be perpetual so that every module built upon this same foundation would benefit from real-time data. This data can be examined through raw data and chart reports, accessible through menu at Inventory ⇒ Table Reports and Inventory ⇒ Chart Reports. Feel free to contact us for additional reports or report customization.