Searching and browsing the inventory

To manage the products in your inventory go to menu item Inventory ⇒ Products and type your search criteria in the relevant fields. Some of the fields will drop-down a list of suggestions from the database. If you do not get any results from your search try typing less in the search fields. The less you type in the fields the more results you will get. Use the Clear button the clear all fields and start over.

The Barcode field accepts instant search with input from a barcode reader. Simply click inside the barcode field and scan your product with your reader. Most the barcode readers will also submit the search for you. If not, you will have to click the submit button after the reader has read the barcode into the barcode field.

Product Edit List

Product Edit List

The search results are displayed in a so called Product Edit List. The list allows you to modify products in a listview which saves you a lot of time compared to browsing and modifying products individually.

All the fields are equal to the fields that you see in full product detail view. Click the Edit button to edit full product details. The product edit list also allows you to copy and delete products, which you can only do from here.

With the Copy function you can copy an existing product from the inventory back into the inventory. You basically take an existing product as a template for a new product. This saves you a lot of time filling out all the fields.