Picking and Moving lists are accessible through the Inventory menu and can be operated manually or with the use of a bar-code reader. Click the Start Scanning button to use the barcode reader. When done, click the same button again.

Inventory transactions from picking and moving

Inventory Transactions

The Picking List is used to take items out of the inventory when the action is related to a sales order. With the IMS working as a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) your customers are using the picking list to take items out of their consigned stock.

The inventory transactions are listed in the inventory transactions report, which can be found though menu-item Inventory ⇒ Table Reports. The columns PL# and ML# indicate picking list and moving list activities.

To move items between two locations within your company use the Moving List. The moving list can also be used for simplified logistics by moving from warehouse to transportation and back into another warehouse.