Before purchase orders can be prepared you should add suppliers should be in the system. Then create new purchase orders through menu item Inventory ⇒ New Purchase Order. Select the supplier bij typing in the Supplier field and add products by typing either your product code, the supplier code or the product description. Depending on a system setting only products from the chosen supplier are listed in the drop-down or otherwise products from all suppliers are listed.

Use the tab key the navigate to the next field. Once you have entered the product and the quantity a new order line will appear. The purchase Order Total will be calculated every time you add new purchase order lines and the Currency is taken from the supplier profile. Use the to remove lines and the to copy order lines from your purchase history.

The Bal (Balance) field is calculated real-time every time you update a product line with a new product. The balance is calculated as the following,

Balance = Available stock + Outstanding purchase quantity - Back order quantity.

Click the Send button to send the purchase order directly to your supplier by email. The email address is taken from the supplier profile. Use the View button to see how the email will look like before sending it. In case that the PO is not final yet you can use the Save button to save the PO without sending it to your supplier.