Most of the features described in this manual are included in the non-customized version of the YBO IMS and its on-demand version, My Jigsaw Piece. However, as highly customizable the YBO IMS is, some screens may look different or have features that are not available in your version of the IMS. Contact YBO to find out what IMS customization can do for your business.
Very brief information on how to get started quickly. This chapter covers minimal set-up, adding more user accounts, business form customization and product & contact data import.
Trivial information on managing your product inventory, website product listing, manually manage stock levels, create & process purchase orders, maintain your supplier database and run inventory chart and table reports.
All about manual order entry, website order intake, draft order preparations, quotations, back-orders, pending orders, sales order picking lists, delivery orders and invoices.
Start organizing marketing campaigns as soon as you have entered contacts into the IMS database. Then design an email campaign to let your customers know that you will update them with valuable information on a regular basis by email. Use this as a tool to drive more traffic to your website or B2B portal and convert traffic into sales. Finally, measure those marketing efforts with ROI analysis.
Customize your IMS to the bones. Review email messages that go out to your clients and website visitors, build your own website or change the look and feel of you IMS all together.