The IMS and My Jigsaw Piece, the on-demand version of the IMS, come with all features enabled by default. YBO's mission is to deliver high quality, responsive, user-friendly and comprehensive software at an affordable price, providing small/medium sized businesses with enterprise class software. Allowing companies to solve enterprise inventory issues without enterprise level capital investment.

Inventory & Purchase Order Management

Multiple product stock locations

Multiple product stock locations

  • Unlimited Warehouse Locations,
  • Stock level email alerts,
  • Customer Order picking lists,
  • Independant Moving & Picking Lists,
  • Supplier Management,
  • Purchase Order Management with real-time stock balance information,
  • Purchase Order Goods Receiving in batches,
  • Barcode reader support for product retrieval, picking and moving,
  • Product Document Attachments,
  • Optional Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) configuration.

Sales Automation & CRM

Intelligent  order fulfillment

Intelligent order fulfillment

  • Efficient and user-friendly order fulfillment screen,
  • Real-time stock levels, profit margins and customer order history available at order entry,
  • Support for quotations and down-payments,
  • Automated generation of back-orders at insufficient inventory,
  • Retail, Trade & VIP pricing strategies,
  • Customer-level discount and customer-product-level discounts,
  • Customer credit terms,
  • Order processing dashboards for sales, warehouse and delivery staff,
  • Multi-currency automated invoicing.

Website Integration & Marketing

Revenue by website visitor referrer

Revenue by website visitor referrer

  • Low maintenance customer-contact linking,
  • Email campaigns with contact database filters,
  • One-click contact to website user conversion,
  • Internet advertisement tagging,
  • Fully automated product newsletter,
  • Single product or product brand/name combo promotions,
  • Portal / ecommerce website integration with real-time stock levels,
  • Website user / customer specific price-lists,
  • Website member role discount,
  • Website and Marketing channel ROI analytics.

Business Intelligence

Pivot table with product sales by date  \for demand forecasting

Pivot table demand forecasting

YBO believes that essential business intelligence should be available to small businesses as part of the provided solution at no additional cost. Therefore the IMS comes with a report engine supporting the above modules with intelligent insights.

  • Raw table and chart reports,
  • Report data can be exported into your favorite spreadsheet program,
  • Chart reports can be viewed as Pie, Bar or XY-Plotted diagrams,
  • One-click Pivot tables with 'smart' columns, adding foresight,
  • Table report total columns and total rows,
  • Report customization or additional reports at no additional cost.


System Upgrades and updates

The IMS is continuously upgraded with new features and updated to guarantee system reliability, performance and security. At least a few times a year you will be notified of new features that are developed to help you run your business more smoothly and time efficient.

Upgrades and updates like this are at no additional charge as they are part of the monthly service package. And to ensure business continuity system updates only take place when no one from your company is using the system. Also, a typical system update does not take more than 2 minutes.

Business Continuity

Your data in the cloud is more reliable and secure than anywhere else. YBO uses Amazon data centers hosted in the same country as your business with a guaranteed minimum uptime of 99.95% per year. That is less than 5 hours downtime per year. On request, YBO can increase this to a guaranteed availability of 99.999% per year, a downtime of maximum 6 minutes per year.

System down-time is not the only threat that can disrupt your business continuity, security is as much important. Afraid your data will not be safe in the cloud? Amazon's Web Services comply with very strict industry security standards. Visit the AWS Security and Compliance Center for more information on Amazon's security compliance and controls.

YBO Consulting

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Training Dedicated

If the off-the-shelf IMS does not meet your requirements, YBO's business analysts can perform a requirements gap analysis. Depending on the complexity of your business needs we will come back to you with a simple quotation or a professional proposal, which may include a comprehensive system analysis. Contact us with your specific requirements and we will reply to you shortly.

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