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YBO found early success in offering e-commerce solutions using the Software as a Service model, in which companies make smaller, regular payments rather than having to make a large initial investment. This has allowed small businesses to benefit from up-to-date technologies and regular improvements to their YBO-hosted e-commerce solutions at a significantly reduced cost.

We have designed and built our own e-commerce framework and it has proved to be an advantage that YBO was able to share with its customers. Our framework makes it easy and quick to get e-commerce sites up and running while allowing specific requirements to be incorporated into customer solutions.

Triangulating the success, we have linked this method of bringing otherwise costly solutions to small businesses with focused customer service from the onset. By taking the time to understand an organisation’s requirements YBO has been able to build long-term partnerships with its customers.

Arnaud Kleinveld
Founder of YBO and My Jigsaw Piece iconMy Jigsaw Piece

The Move Towards Integrated Solutions

Moving into inventory management and order processing was a natural progression for YBO. By adding these solutions into its existing e-commerce framework and marketing tools, a fully integrated solution was created, bringing new advantages. Today YBO continues to develop its technology roadmap based on genuine benefits and requirements of its clients. All of this within the Software as a Service model, making the YBO IMS the small business oriented solution.

YBO developed a unique way of service delivery whereby the usage of software, training and licensing is combined in an affordable one-off delivery and support fee. This guarantees software application benefits and availability, and in turn to your company's business continuity.

Integrated Processes in One Platform
  • Understand your business with accurate and critical business data. Getting the right information you need to run a business should not be difficult.
  • Enhance your business and relate to your customers with E-commerce and marketing data. A complete customer view across sales and buying behaviours helps you uncover new ways to serve your customers faster and better.
  • Streamline your business processes by integrating key business processes such as sales, purchasing, inventory, and marketing together, giving you an all-in-one center with accurate data and information.
  • Support your needs with our customisation. We listen to what you need and tailor the solution accordingly.
  • Take control of your business through performance reports, and respond to an ever changing business environment. Being proactive means growing your business.
  • Total Support is what we do and is our firm belief. Proactive support and training ensures proper use of the system to enhance your business processes. YBO forms partnerships, not clientèle.

Cloud computing - Reliable & Secure

Hosting is part of YBO's Inventory Management Software service offering. However, data center management is not our core business and we have selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide us with the required IT infrastructure to host our IMS service. AWS data centers are located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Singapore and the USA. If you wish, your data does not have to be hosted overseas.

Without heavy up-front investments it is impossible for small companies to acquire and manage the level of security enterprise-class data centers have to offer. Amazon has put controls and reports in place to comply with very strict industry security standards.
Visit Amazon's Security and Compliance Center for more information about their security measures.

Amazon has always operated their own high-capacity data centers because datacenter providers could simply not deliver the capacity Amazon required for their popular online bookstore. In 2006 Amazon began to offer their IT infrastructure services through AWS at Read more about AWS on the AWS about-page.

Customer Support

YBO trains the company to make full use of the platform. Proactive and ongoing support is part of the partnership. With full use of the platform's capabilities we help businesses enable faster and more accurate decision making where possible.

Contact us and find out how YBO can help your business to develop that competitive edge.